How to upload your file?

The first process would be to sign up for your free trial at Once this process has been completed, just follow these few basic steps and you are on your way...

1) As soon as you are logged in you will see the main portal page. This is your own personal account page which will allow you to view all your uploads.

2) To upload files, simply click on the upload button which can be found on the top left-hand side of your portal. From here, just simply drag and drop the files that you need to transcribe and click upload.

3) Once all the files have been uploaded, they will automatically start to transcribe in the chosen language and it is as easy as that.

Now you can go and make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee if you like) and just relax. Once the transcribing process is complete, the chosen file will be marked as “Transcribed” on your portal. You will receive an email notification once the process is complete. 

The time it takes for the transcribing process will depend on the length of the file. To access the file, just click on the name of the file in the “My transcriptions” section of the portal.