How to open a browser in incognito mode?

While using the website certain browser extensions can interfere with the application in particular the transcription editor. Switching to 'incognito' mode is a quick and effective way to work out if the extensions are the cause of the problems. Using incognito mode is a great way to ensure the browser does not save your history or other private data while using the website.


  1. Open the Chrome menu on the top right corner and select New Incognito Window. Or, press Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows) or Command+Shift+N (Mac).
  2. You should see a window appear explaining the Incognito mode.
  3. Login to app securely and without any extensions enabled.

Edge, Safari and Firefox

Following similar steps to Chrome instructions above, you will need to find incognito mode in the top menu bar, they will use slightly different names.